About Us

Transforming Your Vision Into Reality
"One ring at a time."

Dragon Forge Armoury is a mother and daughter chainmaille shop. They have been creating classic, modern, and custom ring and scalemaille since 2014.

Mama Dragon Hazel works full time in K-12 education as a database administrator. She has three adult children, and two beautiful granddaughters. She loves genealogy, her bright orange Mustang, and AC/DC.

Hazel prefers tons of colour, and it shows in her work. She also adores the deep, gleaming greys of our gorgeous stainless steel.

Baby Dragon Melissa is an at-home educator to her two daughters, Annabelle and Ophelia. She is passionate about all forms of artistic expression, and hopes to one day own her own tattoo studio.

Melissa loves working with the delicate intricacies of our Swarovski pendants, and the subtle ombres our hand-anodized niobium produces.

Their different styles come together here and complement each other beautifully, ensuring every customer receives exactly what they were hoping for. From fun costumes and accessories to romantic bridal sets and gifts, we've got you covered.

All items are hand crafted with love, one ring at a time.